Sunday, September 03, 2006

HELD OVER TO SEP 22: "Scarcity & Abundance," Bellevue Gallery

I viewed this very moving, visually striking show yesterday afternoon, and recommend it. And I learned that the show doesn't actually come down until Saturday, so today's not actually your last day to view these potent, immediate images of Africa and its people. Friday Sep 22 is now also open for viewing. Powerful.

Sep 7-21
Bellevue Gallery, 2475 Bellevue Avenue, W Van

Rory and Lisa Holland are Pacific Theatre folks with big hearts for Africa. Rory's the president of our board who's also been involved in tons of other ways - he was in TEN NOVEMBER and THE DISAPPEARING, has done acting classes and the mask workshop, and he and Lisa hosted our three memorable Valentines Concerts; the first with Carolyn Arends (and Spencers Capier and Welch), another a jazz/gospel evening with Leora Cashe and Tom Picket, and a celtic evening with Julee Glaub.

Anyhow, they're part of a gallery exhibit on the North Shore, an oblation of sorts, offering up (with several others) the experience of a memorable trip this spring to Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Here's what the gallery website has to say about the exhibition; "A photo journey of the shared experiences of Paddy Ducklow, Sharon Ferriss, Tim Hardy, Lisa Holland, Rory Holland, Janet Laver, Richard Osler and Deborah Woodley in Central Africa. In the midst of poverty, displacement and violence they discovered grace, dignity and a spirit of hope."


Also worth noting: the show following SCARCITY AND ABUNDANCE at the Goodlooking Gal (an approximate translation of the original French), featuring the work of Wayne Eastcott, a frequent exhibitor at Regent College's Lookout! Gallery. (What ever happened to plans to supplement Regent's upstairs Lookout! gallery with something on the main floor? The Lookout Below!... I'm just asking.)

Sep 28th - Oct 29
A printmaking collaboration between Wayne Eastcott and Michiko Suzuki. After much creative thinking these master printmakers combined toner etching, a very handmade image with photo work and ink jet printing; just one of the interconnection themes running through this series.

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