Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sep 29: "Theatre & Sin," Peg Peters, TWU

This year at TWU the theatre department (or is it all the arts-related departments? I oughta know this stuff...) is (or are...) presenting a series of pretty groovy public lectures and discussions. Okay, the title - "Integration Forum" - sounds more like a university course than a wild and crazy way to spend your lunch hour, but... Don't judge a book by its... title. (And hey, some of us like university courses, okay!!!?)

Here's the bumf...

Integration Forum
Theatre & Sin
with Peg Peters

Fri Sep 29, noon to 1pm
Freedom Hall, TWU Campus

Angela Konrad writes; Friday, September 29 we have a guest speaker – Peg Peters – on the topic Theatre and Sin. Part of the reason I asked Peg to do this is that he has a really effective way of helping students understand that the usual view of “sinful art” is a gnostic, not Christian, idea. He also has a fabulous exegesis of the verse most often thrown in our faces when the work we do is provocative – “whatever is good, whatever is pure, whatever is holy...”
It is open to the whole campus. Freedom Hall, noon Friday.

Word is, the first IF was quite full, so don't worry, if you're not a budding thesp or art student, you won't stand out like a sore... non-student.

Yours cliche-free,


P.S. "Theatre & Sin with Peg Peters." Hm... Wonder if a title change would get more people out? "Sin With Peg Peters." I oughta suggest that to Angela, maybe it's not too late...

P.P.S. "Hm" is a recognized spelling of the word "Hmm", and is playable in the game SCRABBLE. "Hmmm," however, is not.

P.P.S."Krazy", neither.

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