Monday, September 04, 2006

Sep 4: "Cinema Salon," Bramwell Tovey presents "Delius" film

Cinema Salon
Vancouver International Film Centre

Mon Sep 4, 7:30 - Bramwell Tovey presents ELGAR and

Mon Nov 6, 7:30 - Christopher Gaze presents LAWRENCE OF ARABIA

Less than a year old, The Vancouver International Film Centre is emerging as a noteworthy contributor to the cinematic and cultural ecology of our city. Which being interpreted means, the new kids on the block are swell, they show good movies.

One innovative program is their Cinema Salon, where they invite one of Vancouver's cultural luminaries to screen their favourite film, chat and chow following. If I was luminous or cultural enough (I'm not bitter), I'd pick TENDER MERCIES, but given that I'm not and I can't (what, a church basement drama group isn't good enough for these people!), we'll just have to settle for the likes of Bramwell Tovey and Christopher Gaze. (Maybe if we did more plays by dead people. Maybe a concert series. Where's Brian Mix's number...)

Next up, the VSO baton-wielder picks two flicks by bad-boy helmer Ken Russell, ELGAR and DELIUS: SONG OF SUMMER. The latter's blurb sets my soul food sensors atingle: "SONG OF SUMMER covers the last five years of composer Delius' life, as seen through the eyes of his amanuensis, Eric Fenby. Blind, paralysed and riddled with syphilis, the once virile composer is trapped inside his useless body but with a mind still full of music he wishes to set down. In spite of a shaky start to their relationship, Delius' inability to rid Fenby of his “great Christian blinders” and an exceptionally dysfunctional household, the relationship was a successful one until Delius' death in 1934." I think I might like this Fenby guy, great Christian blinders and all.

The Bard Boss went with LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. Ooh, tempting opportunity to see all those sandy vistas on a nice big screen: methinks I might hie me thither at the appointed time... (Important note: the date in the printed program guide is wrong - The Chris & Larry Show will be Nov 6, not Nov 3 as printed.)

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