Saturday, October 14, 2006

"I Was Meant For The Stage": An apprentice responds to CONFESSIONS

Email from Kirsty Provan, an apprentice at PT. I talked her into letting me post it: it's very personal, not written for public consumption, but I asked her if I could - it's such a moving glimpse into what apprenticeship at Pacific Theatre is meant to be about.
You can see Kirsty in the upcoming apprentice showcase production, BROKEN, Oct 26-28

So i have a confession to make.

I came incredibly close to weeping last night. And i couldn't really understand why.

I think there's just something so beautiful about the arts...they way in which we can be so moved by the way someone sings, or the vulnerability of a person as they share their whole heart. It's this whole new form of's like you're being baptized out there on stage. Does that make sense?

Download "I was meant for the stage," by The Decemberists...maybe that'll help explain (once again, the simplicity of music seems to speak wonders).

I just really wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much that i can be here...i am overjoyed just to witness. But to be able to participate....words won't work for me at the moment, it seems.

A lot of people really love their Sunday morning church service.
I love the fact that i get off work every day and feel as if i've just had one of the most intimate sessions with my Jesus.

Thank You for that.



I Was Meant For the Stage
The Decemberists

I was meant for the stage,
I was meant for the curtain.
I was meant to tread these boards,
Of this much I am certain.

I was meant for the crowd,
I was meant for the shouting.
I was meant to raise these hands
With quiet all about me.
Oh, Oh.

Mother, please be proud.
Father, be forgiving.
Even though you told me
'Son, you'll never make a living.'
Oh, oh.

From the floorboards to the flys,
Here I was fated to reside.
And as I take my final bow,
Was there ever any doubt?

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