Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oct 14: CONFESSIONS Credits

noun [F. confession, L. confessio.]
1. An admission of misdeeds or faults; words spoken about your sins, asking God for forgiveness
2. A statement made by the accused admitting guilt; or, a written document acknowledging an offense and signed by the guilty party
3. The act of a penitent disclosing his sinfulness before a priest in the hope of absolution; a sacrament
4. An album by metal band Ill NiƱo. It features How Can I Live, which was also released on the soundtrack to Freddy vs. Jason
5. Autobiography regarded as a form of prose fiction, or prose fiction cast in the form of autobiography
6. An open profession of faith

Tonight's Artists

Michael Hart - guitar and voice
Albums; Desire, Lord of the Mountain, Dulcimer Light, The Heart of the Matter, Soulkeeper, True
Michael's website

Sheree Plett - guitar and voice
Albums; Hold Still, Red Circled Heart
Sheree's website

Lance Odegard - guitar and voice
Albums; Renovation, With the Chance to Feel
Lance's website

Kenton Wiens- drums
Album; Badgentina’s “Brittle the Bed”
Kenton's website

Brett Ziegler - piano
Official website

Becca Robertson - upright bass

Karl Petersen - poet
Book; Bellowing In The Common

Diane Tucker - poet
Book; God On His Haunches

Kirsty Provan, Ron Reed - actors


Ron: A Confession
Lance: Crooked Deep Down (Caedmon's Call, "She Must And Shall Go Free")
Ron: Definitions
Michael: I'm Headed For (Michael Hart, "Desire")
Ron: Pilgrimage Pilgrimage (from The Life You Save May Be Your Own by Paul Elie)
Sheree: Orphan Girl (Gillian Welch, "Revival")
Karl: Poems (Karl Petersen)
Michael: Surely Goodness And Mercy (Michael Hart, "Desire")
Lance: It Ain't Me, Babe (Bob Dylan, "Another Side Of Bob Dylan")
Kirsty: JFK & Jesus (from "The Good Enough News" by Lisa Shea, in Joyful Noise)
Michael: In My Life (The Beatles, "Rubber Soul")
Ron: Why We Lie (by Stuart McLean, broadcast on CBC radio's Vinyl Cafe, Sep 30 / Oct 1)
Sheree: Yellow Dress (Sheree Plett, "Hold Still")

Ron: General-All-Purpose Apology (fom "A Thousand Clowns" by Herb Gardner)
Michael: One Day (Michael Hart, "Lord Of The Mountain")
Ron: Confession Booth (from Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller)
Lance: Orbit (Lance Odegard, "Renovation")
Diane: Poems (Diane Tucker)
Sheree: Flood (Sheree Plett, "Red Circled Heart")
Ron: As The Ruin Falls (C.S. Lewis)
Lance: Pacing The Cage (Bruce Cockburn, "The Charity Of Night")
Ron: The Elder Son (from The Return Of The Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen)
Michael: There Is Forgiveness (Michael Hart, "Lord Of The Mountain")
Ron: Life After God (from Life After God by Douglas Coupland – Touchstone Theatre production coming Nov 1-25!)
Sheree: A Living Prayer (Alison Krauss, "Lonely Runs Both Ways")
Ron: Pilgrimage reprise (Paul Elie)
Michael: Pilgrim (Steve Earle, "Mountain")

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