Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nov 23: Ron Reed on "Oblation" at TWU

"I take my children to the beach. On the north shore of Long Island it is a pretty stony proposition. The mills of the gods grind coarsely here; but, in exchange for busied feet and a sore coccyx, they provide gravel for the foundation of the arts… the oblation of things." Robert Farrar Capon

The Artist's Holy Calling

A man gathers stones on a beach…

Another snaps pictures of his Brooklyn cigar store
with the camera he stole from a blind woman…

A third trains his camera on a plastic bag in an alleyway…

Hobbyists? Artists? Priests? "Ingatherers of being"?
People with too much time on their hands?

Wanna learn some Latin? We'll be talking lectio divina, we'll be talking liber mundi, we might even toss in some good old imago dei or et vidit Deus quod esset bonum. Ron Reed (founding artistic director of Pacific Theatre) uses clips from favourite films to explore the role of the artist in the world, and the artistic way of every living person on this planet – whether they think they're artists or not!


An open lecture
Trinity Western University, Freedom Hall
Thursday November 23 @ 1:10-2:25

(If you don't know where Freedom Hall is, just ask at the information booth as you drive onto campus. If you don't know where the campus is, phone 888-7511)

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