Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tarry G's new coffee bar!

Okay, this ain't exactly about art. Unless great coffee is art. A position which Tarry Giannakos would no doubt advocate.

Tarry and his wife Kristine are hardcore Pacific Theatre fans, known to many of you. Well, they've started a new venture, and I want everybody to know about it.

Here's another pal of mine and Pacific Theatre's to tell you all about it. Mister Rory Holland...
Hey all, sorry for the Spam, but I did want to draw the attention of those that live in the Vancouver area, especially the North Shore, that a new coffee bar is opening in West Van that promises the best coffee, best atmosphere, and the highest speed wireless connection. CAFE CREMA is owned by Tarry and Kristine Giannakos - veterans of the coffee trade, but more importantly the most relational people you will ever meet. They have taken over and transformed the old "Bojangles" location at the bottom 15th Ave. and Bellevue.

"Does the North Shore really need another coffee bar?" Well, the answer for coffee snobs is - yes. Tarry is a fanatic about coffee so if you know your macchiatos from your mistos this is the place for you. And the North Shore DEFINITELY needs Tarry and Kristine. This place is bound to become the club house for many - great food, great people, comfy chairs.

They open Monday morning December 4th. Tons of parking, and easy stop on the way into the office, a perfect location for the mid-morning dog walking, running, workout crowd. My office is the table on the far left. See you there.

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