Friday, November 17, 2006

To Nov 22: Carmen Tomé & Shannon Ravenhall

Carmen Tome is a photographer who's often been mentioned over the years in Soul Food emails, with a tremendous number of awards for her innovative approaches to photography and several shows at the Regent Lookout Gallery. Carmen sent me word back in October about an art show, but I didn't know how to post the graphics she provided and notice of the show got missed. I've been in touch with her recently, the show runs until Wednesday Nov 22, so there's still a chance to see it if you're in Langley. And now that I know how to post images (thanks Paul!)...

Light & Life
A new art show entitled "Light & Life" featuring exciting new works by Carmen Tomé & Shannon Ravenhall at the Langley based Westwind Art Gallery

What do you get when two very spiritual women each explore light in their own medium and then get together? You get one very interesting show, full of passion, spirituality, and sensuality.

Shannon's sculptures are developed with a view allowing photos to pass through them in certain area and to hold back the photons in other areas. The alabaster is worked with a passion to create varying densities. The photons pass through the stone more freely in certain areas creating halo effects. He subject matter is inspired by her love of quantum theory and her passion for exploring the human psyche.

Carmen captures photos on paper and canvas and displays them in a way that is at once spiritual and sensual. Her romantic images of beautiful longing women and her misty images of castles and mountain sides have been described by some as renaissance, gothic, even impressionistic in style.


Westwind Art Gallery is one of western Canada's largest and oldest galleries. The gallery offers a wide range of contemporary sculptures, paintings, prints and framing. Westwind Art Gallery is a 20 minute drive East of Vancouver on Highway 1, to 200th street then 7 minutes south to Fraser Highway, and 4 blocks East.

Westwind Art Gallery & Framing,
20460 Fraser Highway,
Langley, British Columbia


Monday to Saturday
We usually open at 9:30 am or earlier . . .
We close at 5:30 pm or later

Most Sundays
We are open most from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Evenings by Appointment

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