Friday, April 17, 2009

May 1-23: 36 VIEWS, Anthony Ingram & Michael Kopsa

An intriguing show on its way, featuring two Pacific Theatre regulars. Anthony Ingram is directing: you'll remember him from THE ELEPHANT MAN, HALO, BEGGARS AT THE WATERS OF IMMORTALITY, even THE PACIFIC SALT COMPANY! And Michael Kopsa is in the cast: THE WOODSMAN, SHADOWLANDS, HOSPITALITY SUITE. Check out the Tempus Theatre website for tickets and more - including swell graphics!

Culture and commodity, fetish and forgery, and personal and professional revenge are all exposed in...

by Naomi Iizuka
Directed by Anthony F. Ingram
May 1 - 23
Jericho Arts Centre, 1675 Discovery Street

STARRING: Keith Martin Gordey, Annabel Kershaw, Michael Kopsa, Lissa Neptuno, Bert Steinmanis, Valerie Sing Turner

An art dealer and an art historian discover what appears to be an ancient manuscript, a priceless Japanese pillow book created by a medieval courtesan. As they try to prove its authenticity, their search becomes an erotic game of greed, love, and sleight-of-hand. In a series of 36 interlocking scenes, Naomi Iizuka's play explores the relationship between the imaginary and the real, and the lines and spaces that separate feelings and words, objects and images of objects, antiques and reproductions, and a person’s heritage and physical features.

". . . thoughtful, humane, poetically phrased and staged with intricate, shimmering beauty . . . a multi-textured web that became completely engrossing. Each facet of 36 Views offers another perspective on the art and artifice of our lives."
- San Francisco Chronicle.

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