Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soul Food: Funny Stuff, Sad Stuff, Jazzy Stuff, Other Stuff

Soul Foodies!

A quick note to remind you about SIDESHOW at Pacific Theatre this Friday and Saturday night. If you've seen our comedy improv before, you'll remember how great it feels to laugh this hard. And if you haven't, I want to encourage you to celebrate spring with an evening of guffaws, chortles, snorts, hoots, chuckles, howls and giggles. So darn fun.

In the next few days I'll be serving up more soul food over at the blogs. ROMEO & JULIET visit our stage for a few nights next week, THE NELSON BOSCHMAN TRIO plays the Yaletown Blenz Wednesdays and elsewhere, elsewhen over the next couple months, and I'm in the process of posting some tasty bits and pieces at soulfoodmovies and oblations. But before I do any more over there, one more rewrite on YOU STILL CAN'T, which begins rehearsals Monday...

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