Thursday, April 30, 2009

May 1: Kathleen Nisbet / Viper Central

Friday bluegrass fun with Kathleen Nisbet (CHRISTMAS PRESENCE, etc) and her band...

this friday
Whiskeyjar - Viper Central - Shout! White Dragon

folks, spring has sprung, and friday is may day! how would you all rather spend the traditional beginning of summer, if not partying and dancing around with three of your favourite vancouver old-time and bluegrass bands, VIPER CENTRAL, WHISKEYJAR, and SHOUT! WHITE DRAGON?

yes, it's true, i never thought this day would come, but here it is: for the first time ever, we're combining forces and playing a triple bill at the beautiful st. james hall! it's a dream come true!! we're having this event to raise money for viper central's great european adventure at the bluegrass festival in switzerland. and our friend elena yeung, bluegrasser and singer-songwriter, will be joining us to call the dance later in the evening. it'll be a night you'll never forget, a night of bluegrassy old-timey fun, the likes of which vancouver has never seen before!!

St. James Hall
3214 W 10th Ave @ Trutch
Doors at 7:30, Tickets $10
Show starts at 8pm: WJ, VC, S!WD, and band scramble
Square Dance starts round about 10ish

VIPER CENTRAL is deadly good, solid gold alt-bluegrass, and is lorraine cobb (guitar), steve charles (bass), kathleen nisbet (fiddle), tim tweedale (dobro), mark vaughan (mandolin), and tyler rudolph (banjo), who's in montreal right now and unfortunately can't join us on friday.

WHISKEYJAR is an old-timey bluegrassy sour mash ruckus, and is mike zinger (guitar), me (banjo), mark vaughan (mandolin), edward porter (bass), and john lyon (fiddle).

SHOUT! WHITE DRAGON is straight-up, searing hot appalachian old time, and is kori miyanishi (fiddle), me (banjo), and lorraine cobb (guitar).

ELENA YEUNG, who will be joining us and calling the dance, is a talented singer-songwriter and bluegrass banjo player, returning to bc from her cross canada cd release tour, and we're totally lucky to have her come and help out at this event!
thank you all for staying tuned in, and hope to see you on friday night!

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