Tuesday, June 09, 2009

YOU STILL CAN'T: Audience Responses

First, this note from Karl Peterson, who originated the role of Grandpa Tony in the premiere production of the show, ten years ago: The play was AWESOME! LOVED the live music... so Ron-esqe... sort of Enya meets Tibet. You were great, a very passionate convincing urban crawler/terrorist. Made me want to try it. Loved Al the poet... he made me actually LIKE the poetry. Laura was great... the costuming on her was perfect too. That guy who played Norman really brought that
character alive... great character and well played. I'd want to play Norman. Sky and Dave were very strong.
"And tell Glen his grandpa was absolutely excellent... spot on. Loved it. The best that character has ever been played... really. His pacing and tone were perfect. His love and charm were infectious.
"Well done. Thanks for an evening of forgetfulness of all else and a reorientation of values and perspective. My vision's been corrected again." Karl Peterson

"Sad to say, it's very seldom these days that a play or movie stays with me for more than 24 hours. But YOU STILL CAN'T is still bubbling away in my mind as I replay scenes and dialogue and (in some cases) try to figure out what exactly was going on! Wish I could see it again, but I'm stuck with an editing deadline this week. Anyway, I bought myself a "Johanine and Pauline Crossing" fridge magnet to celebrate one of the greatest moments in theatre I've ever experienced. / Just really, really love that play! Thanks so much." Mike Mason

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much David and I enjoyed both Holy Mo (a while back) and You Still Can't this past weekend. I only wish I had seen Holy Mo before closing weekend so I could have gone again--it was fantastic. We laughed about it for weeks afterward. / "You Still Can't was great. I loved the kooky characters--and even the 'bad guys' were handled with compassion. I loved how free each character was to be themselves and to pursue their passions, regardless of how the 'world' valued their activities. I really appreciated when Tiffany (I think) asked, 'but what's it for?' It was encouraging. Thank you." Genevieve Miedema

"Congratulations on a great production last night! We really enjoyed it. We discussed it at length this morning over breakfast, and Gayle says it was her favourite of the year. Maybe mine, too - she remembers all the details of past productions much better than I do. Our guest liked it so much she's thinking of coming again and bringing her boy friend." Bill Horie

"So enjoyed last night's production. Blogged my appreciation. I just wish I could write a review worthy of the genius of the play, the acting and production. God bless." Bill Hay (Bill's a regular Opening Night subscriber, and renewed his subscription on the spot last Friday - looks like he truly is #1!)

"Saw the show this evening - wanted to let you know that it's great fun. ... Re-writes have just made the show much tighter. Nice performances all round from your cast, and the Crossing of St. Paul and St. John still strikes me as brilliant. Oh, and I like the mood at the top of the third act with dim lights and the well-chosen jazz on Norman's radio. In fact, I was largely impressed with all of the musical selections - very good taste indeed..." MEL

Email to Debra Sears: "What a fun play, and your part is a pearl, and you are perfect in it! So hope it continues to go well. Particularly liked the Dave stuff (being an old Cheech and Chong fan), and of course "the Crossing". Right era for me, being an old fart." Margie Beasley

And another to Deb: "We thoroughly enjoyed the play, and we hadn't realised what terrific comedy timing you have. We will recommend it (the play) to all." Robert Smith

Those are just iPhone shots I took during rehearsal. We'll have some real pix to show you soon, but for now... It's a taste! That's Laura Van Dyke (Sasha) and Brett Ziegler (Dylan).

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