Friday, June 05, 2009

Jun 18-20: SILK THREADS at Pacific Theatre

Andrea Loewen is an apprentice with Pacific Theatre, who'll be our publicist next season. You can see her moving furniture as Aunt Bea in YOU STILL CAN'T, and once that's closed, check out her one-woman-show the following week...

by Andrea Loewen
June 18-20 at Pacific Theatre

Tickets 731-5518 or online
$11 in Advance / PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN at the door / FREE for Subscribers!!

This girl has BIG dreams: she’s going to be a ballerina / actress / writer / ballet teacher / model / photographer / counselor / interior designer. She’s got a lot to accomplish, and she’s not going to let her all-too-practical, physics-teaching Grandpa get in the way.

Silk Threads, written and performed by Pacific Theatre apprentice Andrea Loewen (You Still Can’t) tells her story of figuring out what she really needs to get out of life.

In a family made up of doctors, nurses, and teachers, Andrea’s made a vow to star in a blockbuster film, be on the cover of a magazine, and have written a book by the year 2000—in the summer of 1998. No one seems to understand why she can’t just pick one career (preferably one that provides medical coverage), least of all her Grandpa, a family man who taught thousands for 36 years on 3 continents.

Sure, Grandpa’s stories were fun to listen to as a kid, but what can an old Mennonite man who escaped war and left it all behind to come to Canada just in time for the Great Depression really teach someone today? Join Andrea on her list-making, goal-declaring journey through success, disappointment, and a lifetime of dinners with Grandpa.

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