Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Playing God: Steve Waldschmidt Gets Biblical

For a few seasons Steve Waldschmidt was at Pacific Theatre. He was our publicist, but you also saw him onstage, as Pal in CHICKENS, and as Greville MacDonald in A BRIGHT PARTICULAR STAR. He broke our hearts by moving to Alberta a couple years ago, but now we understand, he was responding to a Higher Calling. He had to be about his Father's business.

All Steve's winsome humour shines through in this snazzy news clip on Calgary's GlobalTV (starting 3:52 before the end). Steve, lad, we miss ya!

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play
Over 200 performers, a 30-acre set filling a canyon with seating for 2500. The gospel story comes alive in a fresh, meaningful way that will connect with adults and kids of any age.
Performances in Drumheller, AB: 6pm evenings on July 10, 11, 17 and 3pm afternoons on July 12, 18, 19 .
Tickets online or call 1-888-823-2001

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