Monday, June 14, 2010

Responses to GODSPELL

"We really enjoyed the production. The actresses playing the Joanne Whorley and Goldie Hawn parts really nailed it!!!! Well done. Jesus was very good as well; such a beautiful voice. We are old enough to remember Rowen and Martin's Laugh In, so enjoyed all the odd little things from the show. Thanks again for another amazing season." - facebook

"We went. We saw. We liked." - facebook

"Fantastic production. Really enjoyed and thought the cast was perfect!" - email response

"Godspell was a hoot! Kept me laughing and engaged the whole time, I loved it. Have a great rest of the run!" - facebook

"Blessed is the inventive Sarah Rodgers for she has taken Godspell, an already irreverent musical based on the gospel according to Saint Matthew, and really socks it to us by placing it within an episode of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in." -Mark Robins, Gay Vancouver

"Erin Germaine Mahoney really socks it to us with 'Turn Back, O Man'--an exhortation to 'forswear' our 'wicked ways.' Bratton sweetly renders Christ's desire to 'Save the People,' and the ensemble numbers are big and happy. Katherine Gauthier sparkles throughout as ditzy Hawn." -Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"The choreography, singing and stage scenography were absolutely outstanding. In particular, I found Rodgers’ intermixing of Laugh-In with the Gospel According to St Matthew extraordinarily seamless. In reinventing Godspell for modern audiences, Rodgers provides her actors with an opportunity to create new storylines and build caricatures of characters that would otherwise be perceived as too solemn." Raul, Hummingbird604

"I particularly enjoyed Kyla Ferrier’s work as Ruth Buzzi’s hair-netted character Gladys, and as Tiny Tim. Ferrier taps into the essence of these figures as well as mastering their external behaviour. Tim Bratton sings well and makes a reasonably humble Jesus. John Voth catches a good portion of Dick Martin’s goofy charm, and “On the Willows”, his melancholy second-act duet with Joel Stephanson’s Dan Martin, is a musical highlight." - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Godspell seems to be one of those musicals that can be adapted to suit any venue and almost any fashion style, surely a strong testament to its universal appeal. By midway through the second act, I didn’t even notice how incongruous it was to see Dan Rowan and Dick Martin (Joel Stephanson & John Voth) serving wine at the Last Supper dressed in tuxedos." John Jane, Review Vancouver

"That was one of those most entertaining nights I've had in a long time. You made me cheeks hurt from laughing, and my heart ache with your passion and love and openness." - email

"Smiles indeed! The genius stroke of setting Godspell on the Laugh-In stage creates a fresh playground for humour and retrospective that the director and cast draw us onto. Verrry Eeen-ter-es-ting, and a must-see!" facebook

"Great music and a fun setting, yet still brings the real story alive. Well done." facebook

"Jen Williams' face hurts from Godspell at Pacific Theatre! Most wonderful! Jen urges you to take in this wild and wooly "Revised Version" twist on what is a truly groovy early 1970's musical. It's Godspell meets the late 1960-early 1970s TV comedy sketch show "Laugh In"-----Why can't life be like this version, musical all the time? o Joy divine!" facebook

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