Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Godspell Band Feature: Michael Chang

Another profile on our fantastic band members, this time bassist Michael Chang is up!

An active member of the Vancouver music scene since the mid-90's, Michael has played a wide variety of music styles and formats, from hard rock to folk/pop bands, from a jazz quartet to a choir. His work in Vancouver has taken him to large music festivals with audiences in the thousands, to small, dark clubs on the downtown eastside, and everything in between. Now he's added musical theatre to his resume.

Inspired by a diverse array of music including rock, jazz, funk, and ska, Michael is at home on the guitar, bass, and keyboards as well as at the microphone. A songwriter to boot, he's currently writing and recording an album with his band Friends of Thieves where he's been exploring new sounds and new instruments, including mixing electronic music with rock instrumentation.

Check out his website to stay up-to-date on what he's doing: http://www.elchangomusic.com.

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