Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Godspell Band Feature: Michael LaRoy

Those of you who have already seen GODSPELL have no doubt been blown away by the wonderful music coming from our custom-built balcony. Here's the first in a series of features on these fantastic musicians: the guitarist in the bedazzled jacket, Michael LaRoy.

Inspired by legends of Canadiana Neil Young and the Tragically Hip, LaRoy is all about the song. Rather than focusing on creating a new sound, he is more concerned with the craft of songwriting itself. Drawing on the influence of acclaimed songwriters such as Ryan Adams and Ron Sexsmith, LaRoy is coming up with songs and melodies that can be dressed up in any fashion.

Coming out of a 3 year hiatus following the end of his previous band Laureate, LaRoy emerges with his debut EP Say Goodnight, to be released in June of 2010.

Recorded with The Left's Carl Davis, LaRoy's sound is reminiscent of Brit rock (think Keane, Travis), while touching ever so slightly on the twang of americana; this small collection of tunes can also fit nicely in with the mainstays of indie pop radio. Over the shimmering guitars and organs, the melodies and hooks are allowed to prevail. However, stripped down for a live performance, a guitar, banjo and double-bass would be just as appropriate to accompany these songs.

Folk, indie, country, rock - a good song is a good song, no matter the genre. At 26 years old, LaRoy is aspiring for great things. In for the long haul, he is only just beginning his journey.

Let the songs come.

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