Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the busy world is hushed | responses

"Directed by Richard Wolfe for one2theatre, this is a taut, absorbing production with excellent ensemble work by Chiarelli, Bergquist and Kroon. Chiarelli strikes just the right note with her smart, somewhat world-weary scholarliness coupled with ferocious love for her son. As a performer, Chiarelli always appears to be a storm about to break. Even when she's relaxed, there's a compelling, restless energy just under the surface." - Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"You manage to find so many brilliant shows to produce, but this one was amazing! I was so drawn into the questions of faith and life, and the love story was so honest (if not one I've been terribly familiar with). The commitment each of the actors made to the show - to loving each other without being false. Amazing.
I cried at the pain each was feeling at different times - and the bit at the end . . . just hit home.
Gina is incredible. I remember her from Agnes - what a powerhouse of a performer! And the two guys were so great.
Thank you for being willing to produce a show like that - and one that brought audible gasps of shock from some of your perhaps more conservative audience members. This is the world we live in, and we need to be living in it, not ignoring it.
GREAT! - thank you." Audience member, facebook note

"We saw The Busy World is Hushed on Saturday night. Wow! Very powerful - the play, the acting. Loved the set and the music, too. A night at PT guarantees there will be something to talk about after the theatre." Audience email

"@Pacifictheatre Thank-you for The Busy World is Hushed. Thought provoking and beautiful. I really enjoyed it." -twitter

"Saw the show tonight and loved it. Thank you for putting on honest shows, it helps me have the guts to be honest too." -facebook wall

"Go see "The Busy World is Hushed" at @PacificTheatre. Amazing! Cried so much i thought my face was melting. But in a good way." -twitter

"The Busy World Is Hushed has a generous heart. . . . Under Richard Wolfe’s direction, the cast is tremendous. With his humble posture, stray-dog winsomeness, and the boyish way he sticks his tongue out when amused, Sebastian Kroon goes a long way toward making the elusive Thomas charming. Adam Bergquist intelligently and thoroughly delineates the landscape of Brandt’s shyness, longing, and grief. And nobody is more openhearted on-stage than Gina Chiarelli, who plays Hannah. In the Act 2 crisis, Chiarelli makes us feel as well as understand what it’s like to screw up while behaving with good intentions." - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"We saw Busy World last night. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thoughtful script - WELL cast - great acting - amazing set. It made us uncomfortable, made us think, made us celebrate exactly what PT is about. A great start to the season!" Audience email

"The quest for truth reared its sometimes ugly head last night in the Pacific Theatre / one2theatre co-production of The Busy World is Hushed, in a beautiful story of love and loss that touched my heart. ... Chiarelli is almost perfect in her dual role, simultaneously the scholarly priest and loving mother. We can see as her external shell is gradually chipped away as the life she hopes to have with her son begins to once again materialize and just as quickly rebuilt as that reality does not come about. Kroon does an equally good job as the lost boy who reinserts himself with little guilt back into the family dynamic, with a selfishness and an anger that percolates just under the surface.... it doesn't get much better than this." - Mark Robins,

"An intelligent and complex play, Keith Bunin’s The Busy World Is Hushed is actually a guest production from one2theatre. And an excellent production it is under Richard Wolfe’s confident direction. ... I was genuinely interested in the characters and the way they might work out their various human dilemmas." - Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays

"I don't often recommend shows, but try to catch 'The Busy World Is Hushed' at Pacific theatre now thru' Oct 16. Richard Wolfe directing, Michael Schaldemose, design, and stellar performances by Chiarelli, Bergquist, and Kroon, it raises the bar, folks. Excellent production all around, and a well written, thought- provoking play. I just sat back and enjoyed." - Michael Kopsa, facebook wall

"I laughed, I cried (yes even me.. shut up peanut gallery), and I am going to go back and see it again. So much to take in on several different levels. Thanks for a great evening!" - Maria Denholme, facebook wall

"Gina Chiarelli, who turns in a nuanced, complex performance as the Reverend Hannah, displays both intelligence and vulnerability." - John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Busy World is one of those shows that reminds me why I do theatre. Congratulations. And thank you." - Angela Konrad, facebook wall

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