Saturday, October 16, 2010

mon oct 25 | lucia frangione's life onstage!

Keith Johnstone is the inventor of theatre sports - a U of Calgary prof, who knew? His book "Impro" is the touchstone. And Lucia needs no introduction to Pacific Theatre audiences...

Lucia Frangione: "So, Jeff Gladstone and company have asked to do an improv night about my life story. I find this pretty embarrassing to tell you the truth. But it would be even more embarrassing if nobody showed up. Oh please come and be gracious if you can."

Tickets now on sale for the October 25th showcase of THE LIFE GAME featuring our guest LUCIA FRANGIONE and directed live onstage by KEITH JOHNSTONE!"

Monday, Oct. 25th at 7:30pm
Arts Club Revue Theatre

Tickets here!

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Lucia Frangione said...

Okay, I didn't intend the "I'm embarrassed" to be my tag to sell the show, haha - ! I better add that the performers are fantastic, they've been doing The Life Game for years. It should be very funny and apparently quite moving. They chose to do a playwright because of the ReAct festival, and I am honoured to be the guest. Thanks PT for posting this, love you guys. And do you think this should be my next headshot? xo