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thoughts on pacific theatre | melaney lyall

A wonderful piece about Pacific Theatre from Melaney Gleeson-Lyall, director of operations for Gather and Give. We have been partnering with Gather and Give for a few years now to make sure those who could not normally attend the theatre get a chance through their organization.

Pacific Theatre - 12th 'n Hemlock
by Melaney G Lyall on Friday, September 25, 2009

I have returned home to the warmth of my sitting room after an evening at the theatre. This is an amazing smaller homespun theatre that puts on amazing productions. Pacific Theatre has been going for 25 years!

I sat and I listened to an evening of "Presence" - full of instrument, song, prose, and story. I was moved to tears at some points and beamed smiles at others and laughed heartily.

I thought for a moment of the depression era and how the Theatre was a place of refuge.

I participated by being fully present during this evening of beauty and creativity.

I came to realize that creative and performing artists can express themselves from the inside out, while we spend our time keeping our stuff in hiding. Somehow tonight I found common ground in lyrics and in word pictures and in the rhythm of strings and keys and the heartbeat of the drums.

Eleven craftsmen, er craftspeople circled on a stage of about 15 ft. by 15 ft. Blending and producing pieces of artistic expression together. Maybe they had run through the set once - but as they watched and listened to each other such beautiful sounds rang through the auditorium....12 string guitar, acoustic guitars, keys, drums, upright bass, banjo, harmonica, and some hand held shakers...and beautiful harmonies of voices through songs and personal stories and reflections.

I sat and knew the people before me are masters at their trades, all of them gathered together to provide 'entertainment' for others to enjoy - they did it with no paycheque, but because of their passion and the talents that Creator bestowed upon each one...these talents that can no longer be leashed but need outlets to be expressed.

There is something about live music and theatre. There is no cutting and editing. There are no dubs or digital effects or hundreds of different camera angles. You really get a piece of the artist's heart and soul - that they bare to all who come. A transparency of self. They may portray someone else but it is just an endorsement of another's creativity that touches their story and heart on a personal level.

Years and years ago, I brought my friend coffee many a midnight and helped paint canvas' and walls for "Cotton Patch Gospel" and I had a crush on one of the performers!! I then had a room mate who was featured in a play or two. I have had many musician friends participate in the Christmas Presence...and even went to a few Reel Light meetings...something continues to draw me to LIVE PERFORMANCE...

Nothing like it!! Yes. I think you should go to PACIFIC THEATRE and experience it yourself.

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