Tuesday, January 25, 2011

feb 5 | matt epp | house concert

This summer at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival I didn't manage to hear Matt Epp, but I heard about him, and bought some of his music to listen to. I really like it: not far from Jeremy Eisenhauer, and one song - This Old House - features a duet with a woman singer who sounds for all the world like Sheree Plett. So that bodes well, wouldn't you say? My favourite is Follow Me: here's the refrain;
.    Your life is gonna change
.    I know you're gonna come through
.    There's always someone here for you.
.    Foxes have their holes and birds they have their nests
.    But I the son of God have nowhere to lay my head
.    Follow me...
Add some tasty accordion, and you've got the idea.
Anyhow, Matt is playing a house concert here in Vancouver, and provided you RSVP before you show up, and maybe bring some food to share around, you're all invited!

Saturday, February 5 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
hosted by Katherine Ritchie
1612 East 20th Avenue, Vancouver
with special guests, Geometric Shapes! (According to facebook)
Hey friends!

Matt Epp, who recently played at the Vancouver Folk Festival, is playing at our house on Feb. 5th and you don't want to miss it!!

Matt is an exceptional performer/ singer/ songwriter (check out his music on Myspace or YouTube) and we are incredibly lucky that he wants to play here, providing us with an opportunity to invite all our friends and have an awesome time together!

Tickets, which you can get from me or one of my roommates, are $20 each. The proceeds all go towards Matt's upcoming tour with his new band The Amorian Assembly.

Their most recent CD (not to be officially released until April) will be on sale at our house!

It will be "potluck" style, so if some of you could bring an appetizer/dessert/beverages that would lend nicely to the atmosphere!

There is limited admission (our house can hold 50 odd people reasonably comfortably) so make sure to confirm your attendance as soon as possible. Preferably get your ticket as soon as you know you're coming, otherwise we can reserve a ticket for you which you can pay for some time before the concert or at the door.

If you have friends who you know would want to come, go ahead and invite them! They'll just have to get in contact with me or one of my roommates for a ticket.

I look forward to seeing you there!!


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