Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ovation awards

Here at PT we aren't really known for musicals - over the course of our existence we've maybe staged a handful of 'em, so we're more or less strangers to the Ovation Awards, Vancouver's musical theatre awards.  Last year, however, we had not one but two musicals take our stage, and they both got nominations!  Two nominations for GODSPELL and one for THE LAST 5 YEARS.  This is a very special event not so much for us (although we are thrilled), but for Shalyn McFaul.  She produced and performed in THE LAST 5 YEARS as her apprentice project last year.  How amazing if she and her husband and co-star were able to win for their performances!

Outstanding Community Production - Small Theatre: GODSPELL
Outstanding Ensemble Production: THE LAST 5 YEARS
Outstanding Director: Sarah Rodgers, GODSPELL

The awards are given based on popular vote, so please go to and cast your vote!

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