Monday, January 17, 2011

jan 7-19 | st. mark's gospel | antony holland

Antony Holland founded the Studio 58 actor training program, retired from that about a quarter century ago, and keeps on making theatre. As well as his own projects which he launches from his home on Gabriola Island, he has been a huge encourager of other theatre artists: his unconditional support for Julia Mackey's play Jake's Gift kept the momentum going on that project in early days, long before it was the nation-wide hit it has become.

Third Street Theatre presents
St. Mark’s Gospel
A No Bells and Whistles Production
January 7 (preview), 13, 14, 18, 19 @8pm and Saturday, January 8 @ 2pm
Presentation House, North Vancouver

"He has no dramatic props, no elaborate lighting, no sound system, no power point projection. There is no soft background music to stir audience emotions, just one man alone and the words he speaks for two hours with one short break.
"Mr. Holland offers a compelling presentation of Mark’s Gospel carried by the sheer power of the words and the intensity of his seasoned actor’s voice. He is clearly comfortable with the words he is reciting and has a deep confidence in the rhythm and the strength of the text. He does not embellish his recitation with theatrics. He allows the drama of the story to unfold and the strength of the text to carry the presentation.
"Hearing the text in one sitting, I am struck by the towering figure of Jesus who appears constantly throughout the story as the story moves rapidly toward its painful conclusion. Along the way Jesus appears as a figure of undeniable authority and evident power. At every turn in the text the mere presence of Jesus requires a response from every person he meets. Confronted by Jesus it is impossible to remain untouched.
"Mr. Holland’s confidence in the text carries with it the undeniable reality of the power that lies behind the words. As he completes his rendition, we are left to examine our own lives and ask how in our hearts we will respond."
Christopher Page (the Ven.)
Archdeacon of Tolmie
Rector, St. Philip Anglican Church

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