Saturday, April 09, 2011

april 16 | dance and movement workshop

Les Petites Taquines is a dance company founded by PT publicist Andrea Loewen (yours truly), former apprentice/technical director Linsy Rotar, and friends-of-PT Jackie Falkner and Francine Dulong (Francine worked front-of-house for Godspell). Come April 16th we're hosting a dance and movement workshop at TWU!

Dance and Movement Workshop
-four hours of yoga, contemporary dance, physical theatre, and tap with Les Petites Taquines-
April 16 | 10am-2:15pm
Freedom Hall, Trinity Western University, 7600 Glover Rd.
$30 for all four classes | $10 a class
Class sizes limited - email to reserve your spot!

Yoga - Andrea Loewen - 10-11am
A fun, uplifting, and refreshing hatha yoga class to connect your mind and body and prepare for the day.

Contemporary - Jackie Faulkner - 11-12pm
Grew up taking dance class or just love busting out some moves in your bedroom? Come take a class in Contemporary a mix of classical technique and modern lines. You'll do a couple plies, try a couple turns and hear me yell phrases like 'move organically', 'expression, more expression', and 'can someone please show me how to work this stereo?'

Physical Theatre- Francine Dulong - 12:15-1:15pm
Do you like telling stories with your body? Intruiged by non verbal performance? Or just like clowning around? Come explore the magical world of mime, gesture, and movement performance (based on world renowned theories of Jacques Lecoq).

Tap - Linsy Rotar - 1:15-2:15pm
If you don't have tap shoes, bring your hardest soled flat shoes. You know, the ones where everyone can hear you coming! We'll start with basic moves and gradually try trickier ones, playing with rhythm all the while.

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