Friday, April 29, 2011

sep 8-12 | image seminar | rembrandt

I have many friends who've taken part in these IMAGE Seminars in the past, and I can pretty much guarantee: if you can join them, you won't regret it. Rich, rich experiences.

The IMAGE Seminars
Human Face, Holy Face: Rembrandt and the Spiritual Dimensions of the Portrait
with Ted and Catherine Prescott and Gregory Wolfe

September 8-12, 2011. Registration open now!
Dear friend of Image:

How would you like to be part of an intimate event with Image and visual artists Ted and Cathy Prescott in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this November?

This is your personal invitation to join the Prescotts and me for an extended weekend of lively discussion and contemplation based around the exhibit "Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus" at the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Philadelphia Seminar builds on previous events hosted by Image--the Florence Seminar in Italy, the Oahu Seminar with Kathleen Norris, and the Charleston Seminar with Bret Lott. These gatherings get to the heart of Image's mission: bringing together people who care passionately about the way that art and faith can renew culture.

And because these events are built around dialogue and communion, they often result in powerful bonds and lasting friendships--that's the best part of all.

The theme for our time together in Philadelphia is "Human Face, Holy Face: Rembrandt and the Spiritual Dimensions of the Portrait." While portraiture has long been associated with the revelation of character, Rembrandt's portraits stand out in their ability to communicate something transcendent in the midst of the ordinary. His portraits of Jesus relate both the human and the holy.

During the seminar we will view these portraits as well as contemporary works. The Prescotts will speak about the making of portraits and the historical context for Rembrandt's work, and will open a conversation about the way contemporary art might restore us to a fuller understanding of our own humanity.

Clicking on this link will take you to our web page on "Human Face, Holy Face" where you can download a pdf version of the brochure. If you'd like the printed brochure just e-mail Dyana Herron with your mailing address and we'll mail one off to you right away.

The brochure contains more details about where we will stay and what we will do as we explore both our theme and historic "Old City" Philadelphia. Once again, we've worked hard to make this event affordable.

We hope you'll give some thought to registering soon. Please call or email soon if you are interested in joining us. We have room for less than thirty people, so this event is going to fill quickly.

Click here to find out more about "Human Face, Holy Face: Rembrandt at the Spiritual Dimensions of the Portrait."


Gregory Wolfe

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