Monday, April 11, 2011

jake's gift | responses

"Jake’s Gift may be short, but it’s long on historical and emotional impact, relevance and raw talent. The gift it gives is a light-hearted but never lightweight reminder that those who die in armed combat are never forgotten by those who loved them." | Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"I was rivetted to my seat by the extraordinary acting and transformation in this moving one woman show." | William Hays

"Julia Mackey’s well crafted, courageously acted challenging blend of comedy and drama about the best and worst effects of war on the human psyche should be seen by anyone who values the sacrifices others have made on our behalf." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"What an honour to be in the audience this past weekend of Jake's Gift. This is the forth time I have seen the show and it continues to move me in new and powerful ways. My date said it was hand down the best show she had seen in her entire life! I have written everyone I care about to tell them they must not miss the show." | Sarah Louise Turner, Email

"Just a quick note to let you know that I was incredibly impressed with Jake’s Gift. I had heard great things from the friend who recommended it to me, so my expectations were quite high. The show far exceeded those expectations, it was nothing short of fantastic! Thank you!" | Jacqueline Spray, Email

"Mackey's stunning performance displays Jake's naked vulnerability as he clicks his shiny boots and salutes the mirror in his navy blue veteran's blazer adorned with medals of honour." | Maziar Ghaderi, Shahrgon

"In an era where the meaning of the poppy and Remembrance Day seems to diminish each year, Jake’s Gift, Julia Mackey’s touching tribute to our fighting men (and women), is just what this country needs to remind us of the ultimate sacrifices made." | Mark Robins,

"This show is a real treasure. I can still picture the vignettes – amazing when you realize I saw it a couple of years ago and there is no set to speak of. Bring the kids (10 & up?). You’ll be glad you did." | audience comment, website

"The story Julia Mackey has created with “Jake’s Gift” is simple and accessible, short and sweet. It is neither for nor against war. The story just is, and its lack of complication did not diminish the experience for me. Mackey’s investment in the piece as a creator, an actor, and a person, is evident. To me, “Jake’s Gift” has a bittersweet spirit that serves as a gentle reminder that November is not the only time of year to remember the sacrifices of others, and to, as always, respect our elders, who have experienced moments in their lives we will hopefully never have to know." | Nifty Not Cool

"Jake's Gift was a fantastic piece of theatre. The simplicity of Mackey's performance reminded me that good theatre certainly does not need a flashy set or technical display. A single, passionately engaged artist with a story to tell is enough to draw even the most "sophisticated" audiences into her tale. Julia Mackey did this as she told the beautiful story of Jake and Petite Isabelle. I was blown away by this story, and walked out of PT with much to reflect on - another mark of excellent artistry. Thank you Pacific Theatre for yet again bringing us another work of art to experience." | Shayna Jones, email

"Julia did a fantastic and very convincing job as the 4 characters - it was tender and heart warming and such skilled acting. Bravo!" | Jeanne Legare, email

"I was deeply impressed with Jake's Gift. The actress was able to seamlessly transition from one role to another without any distraction to me as a viewer. If plays are supposed to reach one's emotions, then one was 'right on' as I sobbed to its conclusion. Wonderful experience and worth the two hour drive from Stanwood, Washington." | John J. Shaffer, email

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