Saturday, October 01, 2011

oct 12 | martyn joseph | holy trinity church

I'm told ticket sales for this concert are very strong. As big a room as it is, there's a chance it will sell out: strongly recommended that you buy your ticket now. Don't miss this guy. He's nothing short of astounding. I'm not kidding.

His concert is only the first of several events at Holy Trinity (the church where Pacific Theatre has its home), and I'll bring you further information on the others in due time. But MARK THIS IN YOUR CALENDAR NOW: Martyn Joseph is the Real Deal.

Because We Can
Martyn Joseph with Stewart Henderson in support of World Vision Canada
Oct 12, 7:30

At first glance Martyn Joseph is (just) another gifted singer songwriter. First impressions are there to mislead of course: Joseph’s ambition is broader than entertainment, deeper than commerce. Some musicians want to move your feet, some just want to move you: Martyn Joseph wants to move heaven and earth.

Somewhere back in the middle distance Martyn Joseph emerged from the pack and we began to notice. For a moment there he might have been a pop-star, certainly a protest-singer, a balladeer now and then, a Celtic rock star before they were in vogue, a folk troubadour and then, just, Martyn Joseph.


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