Thursday, October 27, 2011

oct 29 | subscriber appreciation saturday

By now most of you have already heard of our Subscriber Appreciation Saturdays. The second Saturday of every show we have a special event, providing exciting and exclusive behind the scenes information to our subscribers as our way of saying thank you. It's your opportunity to get to know the artists involved in the production, get brand new information, and an in-depth look at the context and content of the show.  Here's the information for the RE:UNION event, coming up this Saturday!

Subscriber Appreciation Saturdays: The RE:UNION Edition

Saturday, October 29th starting 20 minutes after the matinee (approx. 4:30)

Artistic Director Ron Reed will be joined by playwright Sean Devine and actor Andrew Wheeler (McNamara) to screen selections from The Fog of War, the award-winning documentary featuring Robert McNamara.  (And hey: we've also got several copies of the DVD on hand to loan to you audience types, if you want to dig in a little deeper - whether before or after you see the play. Just ask someone in our box office and they'll happily lend you a disk.)

Conversation will center around the political context for the play, Sean's research road trip to DC, and Andrew's experience portraying such an iconic historical figure on stage.

If you’re a subscriber, get ready to stick around after the matinee, come early for the evening show, or drop by after your Saturday errands for an extra dose of culture.

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