Wednesday, October 12, 2011

oct 14/15 | monster

A Craning Neck Theatre/ Theatre Conspiracy Co-production

The Saint Plays by Erik Ehn: "Contemporary fairy tales for the stage"

Theatre Conspiracy's artist-in-residence Jeremy Waller of Craning Neck Theatre presents a workshop production of Monster Director

"This showcase is the first of three phases exploring Erik Ehn's new play Monster, a piece about the saint of broadcasting and television, St. Clare. The world of the play is one where time and character collide in the blood and pain of six women and a drunk. Using a strong juxtaposition between hyper-realism and physical theatre, in this first workshop we are looking for a common metaphor between the secular and the religious, between intuition and cold reality, from the 13th century to present-day Vancouver. Exploring the pathways of transcendence between fear and hope, blindness and vision, we are searching for a staging — a design within Ehn's script that is able to communicate beyond belief and analysis, and beyond tragedy, to an experience of perspective.

"This showcase is raw and unfinished. Design ideas are incomplete and striving to the point of breaking. The time constraints of a one-week workshop have not hindered our leaping, and the result, I think, is a beautiful and rigorous piece of theatre." Jeremy Waller,

Friday, Oct 14 and Saturday, Oct 15
Two performances each night - 7:30pm and 9:30pm

1132 Semlin Drive
(a small cabin in East Vancouver — please go around back of house)

Tickets: $15
Email to reserve tickets

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