Wednesday, March 14, 2012

doubt | responses

"In a captivatingly restrained performance by Erla Faye Forsyth, we see the depth of Sister Aloysius’s humanity as well as the flame that ignites her unwavering commitment." | Greg Armstrong-Morris, Xtra West

"Without a doubt, director Ron Reed and his cast of four get this John Patrick Shanley play right. So exquisitely does Shanley strike a balance, we leave the theatre in the same state as Sister Aloysius (Erla Faye Forsyth) and Sister James (Kaitlin Williams): full of doubt. Did Father Flynn (Giovanni Mocibob) behave inappropriately toward his young black student? Or was he simply protecting the boy against the school bullies?" | Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"Director Ron Reed (also Artistic Director of Pacific Theatre) leads a talented cast of actors through the tense proceedings. Erla Faye Forsyth anchors the cast as Sister Aloysius. She is a stony, unyielding force, without ever feeling cold or distant; it is ever apparent that her conviction and actions are rooted in a place of deep compassion and tenderness. As the possibly maligned, possibly predatory Father Flynn, Giovanni Mocibob brings a wounded sincerity. His Flynn is not the political, threatening figure portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman in the film, but a cornered man who lashes out. Kaitlin Williams’ Sister James is a warm, earnest woman, who is keenly conflicted at having to harbour such negative thoughts. Though her presence on stage is only one short scene, Leslie Lewis Sword’s Mrs. Muller ramps up the tension of the second act and creates a state of even more confusion." | Brian Paterson, Laura Murray PR

"Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your production of DOUBT on Saturday night - one of the best plays I have seen in a very long time. My friend and I were SHOCKED when intermission came around - 45 minutes had passed already??!!! What the...?? The acting was superb. The cast quickly faded the image of the Hollywood actors who occupied my mind on my way in. The set was wonderful - incredibly simple and so perfect for the story. I loved how the stage crew moved in and out among the characters. The entire production was just great! Thank you so much for a fabulous evening of theatre!" | Siobhan Keely, email

"My wife and I loved it. The actors were wonderful and passionate. They were pros and the time flew by quick. The night was super and the treats and snacks afterwards were great. I appreciated the detail to excellence the actors provided through each scene and the overall experience for us was very enjoyable and thought provoking. Looking forward to attending another show soon." | audience email

"Doubt is a must-see play." | Eddie Tafbur, Taste and Sip Magazine

"I did not see the Arts Club production of Doubt, but since viewing this very 
fine production on opening night, I agree that 
the Pacific Theatre is the right home for this play. ... Clarity of vision ... very strong and balanced performances, sharp and clear. ... Erla Faye Forsyth gives a very subtle, nuanced performance, which in my opinion rivals 
Ms. Streep’s performance in the film version. ...
It really is a great choice to do it again in this city
 and this production really does do justice to the play. ... even if you did see the Arts Club production, I can assure you that 
you will be impressed by this production and the fine performances; along with the
 concise, clear and insightful direction by Ron Reed that this play demands. What 
better place to see a play that raises so many questions about faith — both religious 
faith and the secular faith in our leaders? Seeing this play restores my faith in the Vancouver theatre community to produce thought provoking 
theatre with some very strong casts. Thank you Pacific Theatre for giving us another 
chance to see this play which is fast becoming a contemporary classic and so rightly 
deserves to be one. I urge you not to miss this production." Celeste Insell, Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance blog

"I enjoyed the intimate stage setting that a small, independent theatre like the Pacific can bring to this Pulitzer prize-winning play." Ariane, Ariane C. Designs

"Gorgeous lighting and superb acting, it was a fabulous night of theatre!" | audience email

"Erla Faye Forsyth plays Sister Aloysius with severity, a convincingly immovable character throughout. Not an easy task, considering Forsyth had the burden of Meryl Streep’s memorable performance hanging over her." Erin Jane | Review Vancouver

From the Twitter Feed:
@WilkinsKate: @PacificTheatre Loved the preview of Doubt last night!
@HultonGetty: Enjoyed 'Doubt' tonight at Pacific Theatre. Just opened... Go and check it out! Tickets are only around $20. #supportlocaltheatre
@TheZooCrew: @PacificTheatre Thanks so much for a great opening night of Doubt last night. We all love the show (and the cream puffs!). Congrats!
@LauraMcln: Congratulations @PacificTheatre I was captivated by every single heartbeat of Doubt. Absolutely BREATHTAKING.
@SMLois: Really enjoyed Doubt at @PacificTheatre. Came away feeling uncertain - just as the script demands.
@cwilhelmson: @PacificTheatre "Doubt" was wonderful! A powerful piece, made more so by the intimate setting. Made for great after play conversation!
@yvrblogger: No doubts about the weather? Sunshine! Enjoy the sunrise & as the sun sets @PacificTheatre beckons with a show that delivers, no 2nd doubts!

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