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mar 12 | jesus people | tim bratton

Aside from performing in GODSPELL and YOU STILL CAN'T, Tim Bratton has been involved at PT for a few years now, developing his play JESUS PEOPLE. Now it's finally presenting a public reading at Regent College! For some background info, read this article he wrote on Lando Klassen (House of James) as a part of his research into the subject. Tim's invitation to the reading is below.

Since I first began attending Regent College in the Fall of 2008 my work as a student has been focused on integrating my many thoughts on church and theatre. This work has culminated in the writing of this full length stage play which I now present in a public reading as part of my Integrative Project in Arts and Theology; the final project in completing the Master of Christian Studies program.

Set in the city of Vancouver circa 1970, the story of "Jesus People" seeks to faithfully explore the Hippie Christian movement from which my play derives its name. Exposing the tensions and travails of what some consider the most recent revival in church history, we are confronted with both brokenness and beauty as they co-inhere in the lives of the characters.

Please join me as a cast of talented local actors lend their voice to the reading of my script at 7pm on Monday, March 12. Taking place in the Chapel at Regent College the reading of the full script will be followed by a Q&A as well as a short reception with coffee and dessert in the Regent Atrium.

Thank you all for your support!

Tim Bratton

*Language Warning* - Some foul language is used in this script and the reading may not be suitable for children.

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