Tuesday, May 22, 2012

100 saints | responses

"Saints is a touching and gentle reminder that what each of us wants and needs is love that is freely and generously given." | Haymen Leong, Converge Magazine

"This is why we are season subscribers. 100 Saints You Should Know is thought provoking, challenging, engaging and uplifting. The cast performances were exceptional." | Lorne and Joyce Braun, email

"The performances, are absolutely terrific. DeBoer’s Theresa is almost saintly and yet deBoer shows little scraps of playfulness, a little flirtiness that brings us so onside with her character. Abby is the teenager from hell and Gauthier’s performance is suspiciously right on. Been there? Done that? Stephanson shows us the confusion and loneliness behind Father McNally’s decency and Norris manages - just - to show that the intolerance McNally’s mother exhibits is really just fear. The little oddball Garrett is appropriately awkward and innocently portrayed by Lam." | Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier

"This show was excellent. Quite often hilarious, mixed with a wonderful sense of heartfelt sentiment that had us both very nearly wiping away tears on several occasions. I even walked away from the play with a big lump in my chest, a feeling like I was just hit over the head with a flood of positive emotion and well… sweet joy. ... It was simply a wonderful little story with a fantastic cast – especially kudos to Rebecca deBoer for effortlessly playing the lead role and being absolutely believable, as well as Chris Lam and Kerri Norris for holding up a lot of the best comedy bits throughout. Joel Stephanson as the disillusioned priest was also quite good in his own right, very believable and one particular monologue of his near the mid-way point had me glued to his every word. Last but not least we also have Katherine Gauthier as the rebellious teenager and she too did a fine job with the character, being both believable and often jumping effortlessly between being hilarious & touching." | Steven, website comment

"100 Saints contains some rich ideas about human experience, characters you can care about, and a few terrific performances. ... Theresa wants to experience “a surge of the heart,” and at its best that’s what this play delivers." | Jerry Wasserman, The Province

"Once again, live theatre sparked a flame of significant musing." | Trilby Jeeves, GVPTA Blog

"I feel connected to these stories, almost like they’re my own. And if you’re at least a little bit like me, then you too will connect with them. So let’s do it, let’s just go ahead and call them our stories. Saints is telling one of our stories." | Kimberley Dawn, GVPTA Blog

"If you love the experience of being captivated by laughter and then moved, if you enjoyed the stimulation of curiosity then I know 100 Saint You Should Know." | David C. Jones, OutTV

"There's some terrific acting here... in a performance that's deeply thorough and downright inspired, actor Chris Lam makes Garrett irresistibly charming... Rebecca deBoer plays Theresa with such authenticity, such ease and understatement that she is a nonstop joy to watch. Joel Stephanson brings winning, deadpan humour and subtle responsiveness to Matthew." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"100 Saints is a true ensemble production with the entire cast taking equal responsibility for the play’s success. Kerri Norris and Katherine Gauthier perhaps deserve special praise for delivering such a vivid contrast of the spiritual divide." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Saw it last evening. Well done! Wonderful to see Rebecca back on the stage, in such a real role... Thank you for such a thought provoking piece of theatre." Fiona Topp, facebook

"At the end of the day, I found the show to be a love letter to mothers, the bonds they have with their children, and unconditional love." Alan Woo, Fun Fun Vancouver

And probably our favourite audience comment ever...

"I just saw 100 Saints You Should Know last night. Brilliant script, wonderful acting. Excellent show! I couldn’t help noticing that the opening play by Matt in the Scrabble game was a really weak move. He played “JUICED” for 34 points (double 17 points). That means only one of the 1-pointers was on a DLS, which means he must have started with his J on the center square instead of on the DLS square which would have been a 48-point move. Maybe the playwright isn’t really a very good Scrabble player, or maybe Matt was really trying to downplay his abilities so as not to cream his mother too quickly." Rosie Perera

From the Twitter Feed
@mackgord: #100saints you should know @PacificTheatre is an awesome show. Lotsa food for thought. Messy in all the right ways. Thoroughly human.
@andrew_sr: #100Saints is a great production with deep, messy, flawed, redeemable and utterly beautiful characters.
@juliachurch22: Saw #100Saints at @PacificTheatre tonight and got a highly recommended surge to the heart!
@jucasselman: Sometimes art hits too many heart longings and frustrations at once to know just how to explain it. Go see 100 Saints.
@scarletsatin: That Rebecca deBoer, she is one of a kind. Her performance is stunning as always in #100Saints
@saravickruk: Saw a great play tonight called 100 saints you should know @PacificTheatre

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