Friday, May 18, 2012


PT favourite Erla-Faye Forsyth has taken it upon herself to fundraise for a much needed "human" sink in our green room. Read on to find out how you can help her Sink-A-Thon!

If you are an artist who has worked at PT, or if you've even just visited our green room, then you know that our sink needs some serious loving. Because we only have one we have to wash our dishes, brush our teeth and get our drinking water from the same sink that we use for production needs like cleaning paint brushes.

The sink looks like this right now:

Not so great, right? That's what Erla thought when she was here in March performing in DOUBT. She's spearheaded a campaign to raise the $1200.00 necessary to replace this sink and get separate ones installed for paint use and human use. She's over halfway to her goal as she's raised $700.00 so far!

If we can raise the funds we are hoping to install these new sinks by August.

Call the office at 604-731-5483 to make a donation to the Sink-A-Thon. We'll keep you posted on the progress as we go. Thanks to Erla and everyone who has donated so far!

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