Sunday, July 01, 2012

hop the twig on cbc | kyle rideout

VOTING IS OPEN until 5pm today (Sunday , July 1)
VOTE HERE - 5 times! Or even more, it seems...
VIEW THE FILM HERE - you'll be glad you did!

"One of the best short films I've ever seen" - Ron Reed

You remember Kyle Rideout, right? His intensely creative vision made THE GREAT DIVORCE into an incredibly vivid experience of CS Lewis' world, and he has performed in countless PT productions. In between all this he made a short film called HOP THE TWIG, and it's up for the CBC Short Film Face-Off. To win, he needs your votes! Below is an email from Kyle about his film and the contest:

HOP THE TWIG will play on CBC and so I'm getting in touch to ask for your help in spreading the word and on JUNE 30th... VOTE!

This is sort of an American Idol type thing, but for filmmakers and needs votes on June 30th. (9 filmmakers were chosen from each region across Canada to compete on this TV series, I will represent BC and the winning film will receive $40K dollars for their next film... here is more info:

Save these dates for the TV show CBC Short Film Face-off:

June 16th @ 7pm -- episode one
June 23rd @ 7pm -- episode two, my film, HOP THE TWIG plays against two films from Montreal. And I am on the show and talk about the film. VIEW THE FILM HERE!
June 30th @ 7pm -- episode three, and VOTING begins for 24 hrs
July 7th -- the winner is announced.

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Rosie Perera said...

Yay, Hop the Twig won! Well deserved.
CBC Short Film Faceoff