Monday, July 23, 2012

artwork spotlight | spitfire grill

We have another set of gorgeous images for this season's work, courtesy of the wonderful Emily Cooper.  Since there's a lot going on here, once again, I've got a little series for you featuring each image and some of the ideas behind it.  First up is THE SPITFIRE GRILL.

Our main goal with this image was to find something fun and uplifting with a diner-like feel, since this is a fun and uplifting musical set primarily in a diner!  As you can see, the image says diner all over.

Here are a few of the highlights from this image:
  • The waitress needed to have a little spunk, so we made her uniform a bright red (the original image was a wee drab blue)
  • The majority of the other elements just scream "Classic Diner!" - The backdrop, coffee stain, pinned on order note, coffee cup-head, counter, and stools
  • Tying in the musical element, we've got some musical notation reflected in the coffee cup
  • Then there's the flying burgers - those are mostly just for fun.  Who doesn't love a flying burger?
  • The flying burgers and the spilling coffee also reflect a sense of chaos true to this lil' diner!

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