Wednesday, July 25, 2012

artwork spotlight | wittenberg

Next up in our artwork spotlight: WITTENBERG.

This was also the first piece of artwork that Emily showed us, and we were over the moon the instant we saw it!  The tagline for this play is "Hamlet, Dr. Faustus, and Martin Luther walk into a bar, and the rest is history... Sort of.", and if you ask me, this image sums that up perfectly. The play is full of wit, comedy, epic characters, and intellectual debate.  Lots to grab onto, so let's pick this apart.
  • The cosmos: The play takes place during the time when the official stance on the cosmos was that the universe revolved around the earth.  This was a huge point of contention for the Church and scientists, and is brought up in the play.
  • Hamlet throwbacks: there's a few in here - the "to be" and "not to be", the Shakespearean garb, the skull
  • Tennis: Hamlet is playing tennis for two reasons.  One, he plays tennis in the show.  Two, the back-and-forth of a tennis match reflects the back-and-forth of Faust and Luther's debates nicely.
  • Beer: more than one scene takes place at the university's local tavern, with Luther and Faust having it out over a pint

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It is soooo interesting when you explain these works of art!