Friday, August 10, 2012

meet the apprentice | shayna jones

Our final apprentice for this season is Shayna Jones. Alright everyone, time to meet Shayna!

Shayna Jones is an emerging performing artist in Vancouver. She’s performed in the past and hopes to do so in the future. But here and now, she is with Pacific Theatre and she’s ready for the adventure.


Your name: Shayna Jones

What were you doing last year?: Getting involved in whatever performance art I could get my hands on, working at a non-profit agency out in Langley, and even acting in a show written by fellow apprentice Cara Lowdermilk (BRIDE ON CREDIT).

What's your specialty in theatre?: Acting

What are your favourite shows that you've worked on so far?: DE PROFUNDIS (a self-written, self-directed piece I showcased during the Tremors Festival)

What is your non-theatrical specialty?: Community Work/Administration

What's the number one thing you're excited about doing during your apprenticeship?: Slowly figuring out what type of art I will create, and what type of artist I’ll become.

Where have you trained in theatre?: SAMC Theatre at Trinity Western University, Act 2 (with Nadine Wright), and Human Theatre Collective (a physical theatre company)

What was your favourite part of your training?: Voice and Movement exploration. There’s something about the challenge of simply being in neutral that really floats my boat.

Is there anything coming up next year in your apprenticeship that will be a brand new experience for you?: The technical side of theatre. This is my time to learn as much as I can.

Your top three categories in Trivial Pursuit? (Invented or real): Peanut Butter & _____________ combinations; Spice Girl Lyrics; Michael Jackson Lyrics

Favourite 90's hit: Drops of Jupiter Train

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