Monday, January 28, 2013

doubt: the opera | new york

John Patrick Shanley has adapted DOUBT into an opera.  Here's a snippet of the New York Times article about it...

“There’s a lot of feelings that could not be expressed in the play because of its austerity,” Mr. Shanley said, “But opera, even when it is austere, is as rich as chocolate cake. So that allowed me to go back and express a lot of things that I could not before and still tell the story.”

The play has only four characters: Sister Aloysius; the young idealistic Sister James; Father Flynn, the forward-looking priest suspected of transgressing boundaries with an altar boy; and the boy’s mother. “It really is the thing itself,” Mr. Newbury said. “It isn’t just about doubt, it’s doubt brought to life onstage. And it’s a particularly American play with all the questions about class and race and religion rolled up into one.”

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