Friday, January 25, 2013

feb 6-9 | breathe | toronto

Torontonians! Next month is a great show about the breath of God called BREATHE...


February 6th-9th at 8pm
Tickets are $26
Purchase at the door or go online to
for information email

This MUST_SEE show is based on Greg Paul's award winning novel, "Close Enough to Hear God Breathe", will run here at Sanctuary. Crafted and performed by actor Jason Hildebrand and musician/composer Mike Janzen.

"Breathe will do just that...make you stop and breathe and sit in the presence of God. I've never heard my audience so silent. They barely moved for the entire perfomance. Jason draws you into the stories in the most intimate of ways. And, of course, the music of Mike Janzen adds a whole new dimension to this already powerful production. Be prepared to smile and cry and meet God in a new way. A must see."
Val Lieske - artistic director of the Fire Exit Theatre in Calgary

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