Wednesday, March 20, 2013

mother teresa is dead | from the artists

MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD is a collective guest production, so the artists on stage are the ones who have put their all into making the show happen. Some members of the collective shared a little bit more about why they wanted to contribute to this project.

Julie McIsaac (Jane): My attraction to the script was immediate. My heart, my mind, my spirit; all were immediately captured, and all were immediately stimulated and rejoicing. I LOVE this piece; in no other work have I previously felt such potential for my professional and personal selves to be so perfectly aligned.

Kayvon Kelly (Srinivas): The world we are living in requires attention, and help. Yet we question the responsibility of the individual-this play brings that subject forward, without giving the answer. Leaving the viewer left with the task of answering it for themselves.

Evan Frayne (Director): It's a play that asks big questions, questions that, I think, many of us have struggled with. Questions like, "How do I reconcile private comfort with public virtue? If I concentrate solely on my family unit am I blinding myself to the horrors and injustice of the world beyond? How do I live a thinking, sensitive life when everywhere around me is poverty, injustice and catastrophe?"

PS: You can find Julie, Kayvon, and Evan on twitter to follow them personally! @juliehijinks, @kayvonkelly, and @evanfrayne.

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