Wednesday, March 20, 2013

mother teresa is dead | responses


"This is the best piece of theatre I've seen in Vancouver in a long time. Wonderful script with universal themes and an ensemble cast who are superb. I cannot say enough good things about this production. You will be moved and, more importantly, will be thinking about the issues raised or discussing them with your friends long after you have left the theatre. The last time I remember doing that in earnest was after seeing the original Broadway production of 'Doubt' many years ago. It is a crying shame that the theatre was not sold out on a Saturday night. You would have a hard time finding a piece of professional theatre as good as this anywhere else in Vancouver.  It would be sold out if it was playing Off-Broadway in NYC. Go see it!!
"And please pass on my joyous thanks to your cast. Their brilliantly nuanced performances left me smiling and exhilarated. I could've hugged them all as they were taking their well-deserved bows. They gave me (and my friends) an evening of wonderful entertainment which is, after all, why we go in the first place; a simple objective that seems to be lost on some theatre projects. Kudos to the Director for that. Thank you."  audience email

"Wow, and I thought I wasn't a big fan of live theatre. I/we were riveted to our seats the whole time, spellbounding plot and amazing acting. Thanks muchly for choosing the play and putting it on, will have to revisit our attendance." audience member

"With gripping performances, big questions, and no easy answers, Mother Teresa is Dead is a powerful play, written by Helen Edmundson, that makes you reconsider right and wrong." | Emme Rogers, Being Emme

"Frayne’s direction crafts moments of laughter, redemption, and understanding, which punctuate and balance the dense and challenging themes of Edmundson’s script. ... Our best efforts to be good, though imperfect in nature, are still acts of redemption in a broken world, Edmundson implies. Above all, her play reminds us of the necessity of grace for others as we all try to answer these questions as best we can in the life set before us." | Robin Lawrence, The MB Herald

"Mother Teresa Is Dead makes you think, and God and all of his saints know that most entertainments these days don’t do that." | Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"Something Pacific Theatre does exceedingly well is address big philosophical issues through stories about relatable events and individuals. ... Mother Teresa is Dead is a play that will challenge beliefs, provoke thoughts, and make most people feel guilty. While the last may sound unappealing, it is anything but, as Edmundson’s play quickly spins guilt into a great and surprising catalyst for personal introspection." | Brian Paterson, Laura Murray PR

"Ms McIsaac offers a sublime performance as a confused idealist meandering in a neo-comatose state, pulled by equal and opposite demands on her fragile psyche. Ms Venour is solid as the narrative anchor. ... Mother Teresa is Dead is another thought-provoking presentation by Pacific Theatre that will leave audiences with much to ponder about until the next production." | John Jane, Review Vancouver

"Kroon has the toughest job among the cast as he must convincingly sell his unlikeable character. At first glance the playwright forces him into the role of villain as he comes to selfishly bring his wife home, but gradually Kroon peels back his character’s layers to reveal an emotional neediness that ultimately makes him one of the most sympathetic. Similarly, as the young Indian, Kelly effectively walks a fine line between his idealism and what may be more sinister motives for trying to convince Jane to remain in India." | Mark Robins, GayVancouver.Net

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