Monday, October 06, 2014

welcome to tulip | holly pillsbury, giovanni mocibob

Holly Pillsbury and Giovanni Mocibob are a couple of fine actors that you've seen on our stage (Holly most recently in BEAUTIFUL THINGS, Gio in DOUBT and upcoming in THE WHIPPING MAN).  They are working with Aaron Krogman, who while he hasn't been on our stage is certainly a part of the PT family, on a show called WELCOME TO TULIP for the CBC ComedyCoup!  Currently they're in a good position to make the first cut, but they need some help.  Below is an excerpt from Holly's email with the details on what they need from us:

We are doing incredibly well in the ratings and popularity standings at the moment. Last time I check we were #17 out of 283 submissions to ComedyCoup for CBC. Pretty amazing for us "nobodies". We (Gio, Aaron, and I) are trying to generate more views to our comedycoup page. It will boost our project and will create a wider interest from people beyond our circles. However, it really starts with getting more of our friends and colleagues fired up first.

We wish we could share all the series ideas we have with you right now but as our project progresses over the next couple of weeks I am sure you will see the series direction we are headed in.

In the the meantime what we need from you is this:

Would you please go to and SIGN UP with your email address (you can also do it with your FB account, or twitter account if you prefer)?
You can then do 5 things (in less than 5 minutes) that will help boost us into the TOP 100 being revealed on Monday night.

1) Follow our project page. (Top right hand corner there is a blue button called FOLLOW. Click on it and you will increase our "paw print" icon count.)
2) Watch our TEASER VIDEO (the more views we have the more likely more will follow suit)
3) FAVE our video (option is directly right of the video on the project page next to a heart icon)
4) RATE us! (Blue button next to FOLLOW button.) Preferably 10/10, but do what you desire.
5) Comment! (Your feedback is invaluable and we want to start a conversation with our fans).

Thank you for taking the time to do this for us. This is an incredible opportunity and we want to be able to make it to the TOP for 500K for a 1/2hour special. We are more than willing to do the work to get there.

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Anonymous said...

Check this show out! Sign up and vote. It is so funny and well written. Amazing things still to come from Holly and Gio.