Wednesday, June 10, 2015

your pt-friendly guide to the jessies

We already shared our excitement with you over our Jessie nominations from the past season, but what about all our artists who got nominations elsewhere?  We are so proud of all our artists and the work they produce, so as usual, here is your PT-Friendly Guide to the Jessies!

Andrew McNee was last on our stage in THE SEAFARER, and has been nominated for his work in The Arts Club's ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS.  Katharine Venour is not only a staple of our stage, but is Artist Advisor to our board!  You may have seen her at PT in MEASURE FOR MEASURE, and she has now been nominated for LATE COMPANY alongside Kerry Sandomirsky who performed in COMMUNION on our stage last year.  Also from COMMUNION was Diane Brown who has been nominated for her role in this year's THE DUCHESS AKA WALLACE SIMPSON.

John Webber has designed for several shows at PT, most recently THE RAINMAKER.  His nominations come in for SAINT JOAN and ICELAND.  Drew Facey, nominated for his work with us in THE RAINMAKER, is also nominated for A TOI, POUR TOUJOURS, TA MARIE-LOU, BLASTED, and INDIAN ARM.  Steven Greenfield and Brett Ziegler have played in past musicals at PT and were nominated as part of the ensemble for RED ROCK DINER.

You saw Craig Erickson in LEAVE OF ABSENCE on our stage a few years back, and his nomination came in for his role in SPEED THE PLOW.  Kayvon Kelly (MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD) and Michael Kopsa (THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT) were also both nominated for their acting in MY RABBI and BLASTED respectively.

THE RAINMAKER's Curry Family patriarch, Andrew Wheeler, is nominated for THE COMPETITION IS FIERCE, and Peter Carlone, who won the Jessie for his role in THE FOREIGNER is nominated alongside Wheeler for HUNTER GATHERERS.  Also from HUNTER GATHERERS is Carolyn Rapanos, who designed our set for FREUD'S LAST SESSION.

Lauchlin Johnston is nominated for his design in THE WHIPPING MAN here at PT, but he also got a nod for his work in STATIONARY: A RECESSION-ERA MUSICAL.  Meanwhile, Amy McDougall, who was nominated for her costume design in THE WHIPPING MAN as well, is up for an award for THE GLASS MENAGERIE and James Coomber, who has composed many shows for us and played accordion at Celebrazione, has a nomination for his sound design for INDIAN ARM.

A few members from the nominated ensemble of OUR TOWN have spent time with us: Bob Frazer, Dawn Petten, and another nomination for Craig Erickson.  Director Richard Wolf (THE MEAL) is up for BLASTED.

Whew!  That's a lot of nominations for us to get excited about!  We can't wait to visit everyone at the awards on June 22nd.

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