Friday, July 03, 2015

july 8-11 | the stonewater rapture | kayla heselwood

Next week apprentice Kayla Heselwood's year-end production of THE STONEWATER RAPTURE opens! 

The Stonewater Rapture by Doug Wright
a Stone's Throw and Clockwork Theatre production
July 8-11

Carlyle and Whitney are two Texan teenagers on the verge of their sexual awakening. Whitney, who has just been elected president of his church’s youth ministry, desperately tries to seduce Carlyle to avoid further bullying from the other boys at school for being a virgin. Carlyle, however, will have none of it, and she coyly refuses Whitney’s advances while making sure she berates him with the biblical knowledge and religious protocol they have been subject to their entire lives. Through a series of mishap and devastating downfalls, the two struggle to find common ground between their religious upbringing and the harsh realities of the world.

Featuring: Kayla Heselwood; and Kenton Klassen

Directed by: Phil Miguel
Assistant Directed and Stage Management by: Eleanor Felton
Set and Lighting Design by: Phil Miguel
Costume Design by: Kayla Heselwood
Sound Design by: Becky MacDormand
Props and Set Dress by: Sharra Ganzeveld

Warning: Minor Language and Sexuality

Tickets available online here.

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