Wednesday, July 01, 2015

jul 5 | pierce pettis with allen des noters | pacific theatre

Allen des Noyers is a Christmas Presence staple, and a co-founder of Pacific Theatre. One of my favourite musicians, truth be told. Well, even our musical heroes have musical heroes, and Allen's is Pierce Pettis. So Allen's bringing him to town this Sunday, and opening for him in an informal concert at Pacific Theatre. I'll be out of town, celebrating my 34th anniversary, so everyone reading this blog will have to go in my place…

Pierce Pettis began his long career as a writer/artist at the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Alabama and later as a staff songwriter for Polygram/Universal Music in Nashville.

After winning the prestigious Kerrville songwriter competition, he was signed to Wyndham Hill records, and later by Compass Records. His songs have been covered by artists ranging from Garth Brooks and Dion to Joan Baez and Art Garfunkel. Pettis' fifth album for Compass Records (Nashville), "That Kind of Love" (2009), received rave reviews from XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, Paste Magazine, Performing Songwriter, American Songwriter, The (London, UK) Sunday Express, Image Quarterly . . . to name a few. .”

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