Friday, August 07, 2015

15-16 staff picks | andrea loewen

Another round of staff picks for the 2015-2016 Pacific Theatre season!  Here are the shows our Director of Marketing and Publicity, Andrea Loewen, is looking forward to the most.


Our staged readings are hand down one of my favourite things that happen at Pacific Theatre, and this is one of the best scripts I've read in a long time.  The story is compelling and the questions it asks are both troubling and satisfying.


Another new play!  The characters are so real and relatable in this script as it reveals all the mess that lies just below the surface of a family that could have been mine.  There are no easy answers, and a lot of humour - I laughed out loud more than once reading this one.


Gruesome is one of those plays that sometimes makes you cringe, but you can't stop watching.  Kenton and Pippa are former apprentices who gave phenomenal performances when they did this as their year-end project two years ago.  Can't wait to see their work again.

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