Thursday, August 13, 2015

sept 10-20 | hunger games: the musical | frank nickel, alison chisholm, andrea loewen, jennifer pielak

Another Fringe show featuring some PT talent!  HUNGER GAMES: THE MUSICAL comes to you from our administrative staff - a team who not only run the theatre, but are artists and producers as well.  Co-General Manager Frank Nickel is directing and producing, Co-General Manager Alison Chisholm performs, Director of Marketing and Publicity Andrea Loewen has done the choreography, and you may recognize Jennifer Pielak from SIDESHOW this past year - she'll be playing Katniss!

Sept 10-20
Tickets available at the Fringe Festival Box Office

A priceless pop culture parody of Suzanne Collin’s hit novel and its inevitable film. Watch as Katniss Everdeen takes a stand against the Capitol, while belting out twisted Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and Lorde tunes (to name a few). Experience a ridiculous ride through teenage angst. It’s all the fun of a dystopian death match, now with kicky pop tunes!

Artistic Team:
Directed by Frank Nickel and Mark Vandenberg
Musical Direction by Rick Colhoun and Oker Chen
Choreography by Andrea Loewen
Costume Design by Audrey Herold
Stage Management by Julia Lank

Jennifer Pielak, Riley Qualtieri, Richard Meen, Aaron Lau, Matthew Simmons, Morgan Churla, Rebecca Piplica, Ryan Scramstad, Cecilia Rahoerason, Alison Chisholm, Lisa Penz, Amy Dauer, Chris Lam, Kathleen Munro and Oken Chen.

Pacific Theatre (as a Fringe venue)

Thursday Sept. 10 6:55pm
Friday Sept. 11 8:40pm
Saturday Sept. 12 3:50pm
Sunday Sept. 13 1:00pm
Thursday Sept. 17 7:00pm
Friday Sept. 18 10:30pm
Saturday Sept. 19 4:45pm
Sunday Sept. 20 3:00pm

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