Wednesday, August 12, 2015

sept 11-19 | shake the sheets | kaitlin williams, mack gordon

We have a ton of PT artists producing shows in the Fringe Festival this year! Here's SHAKE THE SHEETS!, a new play by Mack Gordon (THE FOREIGNER), starring Mack and Kailtin Williams (THE FOREIGNER) featuring PETER CARLONE (THE FOREIGNER) and others, with an original score by Jordan Klassen (CHRISTMAS PRESENCE).

A Level-Headed Friends production at The Vancouver Fringe Festival 
Sept 11-19 

Tickets available from the Fringe Festival Box Office

A couple find themselves in a strange in-between world where the power of words can take them anywhere. The only question is: how do they get out? Featuring a score by Vancouver musician Jordan Klassen and a cameo appearance by a different Fringe celebrity every night, Shake the Sheets! is a verbal and auditory trip.

Featuring Mack Gordon, Kaitlin Williams and a different Fringe superstar each night, including: TJ Dawe, Peter Carlone, Chris Wilson, Martin Dockery, Tara Travis, Wonderheads, Sam S. Mullins and Jayson Macdonald.  

Directed by Katrina Darychuk
Original Score Composed by Jordan Klassen
Stage Managed by Geoff Jones

Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright St
Granville Island

Sept 11th@7:00pm (1/2 price show!)
Saturday Sept 12th @6:00pm
Sunday Sept 13th @2:00pm
Monday Sept 14th @10:45pm
Wednesday Sept 16th @8:00pm
Thursday Sept 17th @6:00pm
Friday Sept 18th @9:45pm
Saturday Sept 19th @1:00pm

$14 (+ $5 one time Fringe Membership if you don't already have one)

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