Friday, July 08, 2016

july 8-16 | any night

ANY NIGHT opens tonight @ 8pm! We are so excited to see Jess Amy Shead and Julia Siedlanowska in their final apprentice project. Congratulations on opening, ladies!

When Anna moves in to the basement suite below Patrick, an unlikely romance ensues. But as she suffers increasingly strange behaviour in her sleep, it sends them both down a dizzying spiral of mistrust and fear. Now, caught together in a shared nightmare, these clashing lovers must untangle their demons, sort reality from dream, and learn how to trust – or one of them may never wake up.

July 8-16 at 8pm
Tickets: pay-what-you-think-it's-worth after the show (cash only)

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Featuring Jess Amy Shead and Riaan Smit
Director • Julia Siedlanowska
Set Designer • Pedro Chamale
Sound Designer • C.J. McGillivray
Costume Designer • Heather Schmit
Lighting Designers • Ada-Jane Wolf and Nicole Weismiller
New Media Designer • Matt Horrigan
Assistant Set Designers • Vanka Salim, Jocelyn Kim and Shelby Wyminga
Stage Manager • Miranda Sandberg
AUDIENCE ADVISORY: Contains strong language, violence, and sexual content. Trigger warning for assault.

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