Thursday, July 28, 2016

july 26-31 | salt-water moon | featured performers

Julie Casselman is back on the PT stage in the role of Mary in SALT-WATER MOON. Here's a behind the scenes look at Julie's thoughts on the show. 

What do you love most about David French’s, Salt-Water Moon?
Probably the sass I get to explore. The 1920's are a different era - and women were really expected to have this gentle, demure presence all the time. But for Mary, a young woman really trying to choose her own life despite her circumstances, she has to tap into this bold and courageous - and sassy! - side of herself. Oh! And I probably love the eastern Canadian imagery everywhere. It desperately makes me want to hop on a plane and spend the rest of the summer in the maritimes.

Do you relate to your character?
Yes. Probably in her determination. I've chosen an artistic path for my life - which isn't always an easy way to live. But this is what I'm passionate about and am determined to do. I think, too, that she's a bit of a firecracker and trying to determine what of her life has been expected of her - whether it's family history, the aftermath of the war, or being a woman in this time period - and which of these factors she can shed in order to live the life she dreams for herself.

What do you hope audiences will take away from this play? I hope you go home and shower everybody you love with love. When you love people, tell them. And then I hope you go on a youtube trail of listening to eastern Canadian music, and then Irish music, because oh MAN, is it ever silly, beautiful, and fun.

Why do you think this play is suitable for the PT stage? It's a story about love, fear, regret, and questioning reality in front of us versus what we hope for. I think that's all faith, right there. Choosing to believe in bigger things - or desperately struggling to choose to believe in bigger things - when you've been hurt or are just feeling so uncertain. Those are the kind of stories that just ache with humanity. And I think that's what PT strives to do every season, and therefore what PT audiences cling to.

We would also like to welcome Molly MacKinnon and Darcy Stobbe to the PT stage!

Darcy Stobbe is an a graduate from the Vancouver Film School's Acting Program. He has been acting for the past 14 years and moved to Vancouver a couple of years ago to pursue acting for film and television. Recent credits include, A BOY AND HIS PIANO, EVERYTHING I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN, and THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. Darcy hopes that SALT-WATER MOON will reminded audiences of the importance of finding love during hardships and times of grief.

Molly Mackinnon is a Vancouver based violinist and graduate of the UBC Music Performance Program. Molly joined Plan Z Theatre Company's creative team for this project and will be performing live, original and arranged Newfoundland folk music, arranged by Julie Casselman herself.

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